Beliefs Quickview

This is the down and dirty short answer version of the topics I want to explore in this blog. A kind of Delphic “Know Thyself”, Socratic questioning of everything, and Cartesian destruction of all beliefs to build from a solid foundation. This will be the scorecard. I’ll keep updating and adding topics.

Mind/body: Materialist (aka, they are the same thing. The mind arises from our physical body and is inseparable from it.)

Theology: Atheist. Ateleologic (evolution, the universe, etc. is not moving toward any particular goal or final purpose).

Ethics: Gotta follow the laws of the land, be it state or federal laws, work policies, etc. If you don’t like it, leave or go through the proper channels to get it changed…

Morals: I lean towards absolutism and egoism, I think, but I can’t articulate myself clearly yet. I tend towards a “cause no harm” outlook. I admire the golden rule but would be a complete hypocrite to say I practice it.

Politics: Ugh. What a dirty word these days. I shall rephrase this:

Social construction: Government should exist for the protection of the PEOPLE from violence both foreign and domestic. The government shall not oppress the people nor tolerate oppression of the people by others. As minimally far as the government is allowed to branch beyond protection from violence and oppression, the government should prioritize actions to benefit those which are most impoverished and to benefit the greatest number of people.

Here’s my current checklist if you want to play along.

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