Bye-Bye Facebook – a barely intelligible rant

     Well, I finally did it. Today I deleted, not deactivated, D-E-L-E-T-E-D my Facebook account.
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     For a long time I’ve been anti-Facebook. They are a greedy monopoly that is raping our privacy for every penny they can squeeze from our data, such as using the phone number you provide for security purposes as another data point to serve you ads.  What’s much worse is that they are supremely poor stewards of our data. (Cambridge Analytica and this little leak…) This should rightfully terrify each and every one of us, yet we more than willingly fork it over.
     I’ve tried to deactivate my account several times, but holy hell is it a sticky ecosystem. I backed up my data and photos. I held pep rallies in my head. My cursor hovered over the “Delete Account” button for weeks. Irrational, ice-cold fear of isolation gripped my heart and emerged victorious every time I thought I was ready to pull the plug. Finally sensibility emerged and said, “Travis, you don’t have to spend hours a day on Facebook and you don’t have to completely purge it from your life. There is a middle ground.” Here’s where I ended up.
     Today, I pulled it.
     Other than the first and last sentence above, the whole piece above was written while I was still trying to find a middle ground with Facebook. Then today, with the news that at least 50 million user’s data was revealed, including access to all of those services you “Log in with Facebook” on. Facebook just flat out doesn’t deserve our trust, our data, or the money they make off of our personal information. I’m very disappointed in Big Tech and had hoped they would self regulate since the only people I’m more disappointed in is our government. But the time has come for federal regulation. The primary reason governments exist is to protect it’s citizenry.  It’s time for them to step in.
     Until then, I think it’s best to back track on all the connectedness in my life. Especially with the three biggies, Facebook, Google, and Amazon. Universe help me if Apple’s reputation for customer privacy is tarnished. There’s volumes to be said about all that, but for now I’ll just leave it with “Bye-Bye Facebook.”

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