About Me

I’m a product of small-town Great Plains North America who has transplanted himself to several of my nation’s major cities over the years: New York City, Kansas City, and Honolulu.

I’m a hospital pharmacist by trade, but you’re unlikely to hear anything about that here!

I’m an Apple fanboy and a PS4 gamer that plays his games on easy mode. I love to cook and bake, but hardly do now that we live in a year-round hot climate. I love to read and Audible is one of my favorite things ever. My current obsessions are logic and metaphysics. In general I’m more comfortable hanging out with my bird friends than with people.

Mission Statement

To know myself. To explore the wisdom and mistakes of the past and present. To probe my beliefs, morals and ethics in the light of logic and rationality. To learn from and grow with anyone who comes across my writings and chooses to constructively interact with them. To treat ideas and beliefs with respect and a with willingness to consider them on fair grounds. To continuously acknowledge that my own deeply held ideas and beliefs may not be true and to abandon them should reason clearly labels them as false.

My lunch dates: Spotted dove, house sparrow, red-vented bulbul, zebra dove.