Just a little list of the words and concepts I repeatedly look up. Presented as a link to wiktionary and the definition as I use it.

Axiomatic: obvious, self evident, not needing proof or argument.

Epistemology: Deals with knowledge. How can we know things and what can we know?

Ethics: Societal/contractual right and wrong.

Logic: Systems of thinking in which the truth or falsity of statements lead necessarily to the truth or falsity of conclusions. A useful tool to strip emotional bias out of arguments by presenting them in an abstracted form.

Morality: Your inner sense of right and wrong.

Ontology: Deals with the nature of being. What is reality?

Rationality, reason: the ability to explain why you believe something. Contained within the bounds of logic.

Teleology: Deals with purpose; the why of things.

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